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About the kinds of Dyes

  • TEMPORARY - (lasts for 1-2 washings) These are the spray-on, or goop-out-of-a-bottle types of color that you can wash out very easily. You can find these at drugstores, party supply stores, and beauty supply stores.

  • SEMI-PERMANENT - (This type of dye lasts 5-7 weeks) Regular dyes brands such as Natural Instincts is semi-permanent and lasts well without prelightening your hair. For more extreme colors, it is necessary to lighten you hair for any shade to be absorbed into the hair. When used on bleached hair, this type of dye lasts just as long and stays very strong. Do not overwash your hair, as the dye will fade faster. Brands such as Manic Panic, Jerome Russell, Special Effects, LaRiche, Clairol, and yes, the wonderful -[yuck!] - homemade dye, Kool-Aid.

  • PERMANENT - This is the type of dye that will not come out unless you go to a professional salon and have them apply haircolor remover, or until your hair grows out. No odd colors come as permanent dyes, only the natural range of haircolors are widely available as permanent dye.

Bleaching hair is permanent, since there is no way to reverse the process of the pigment removal from the hair.

The Color Charts for Manic Panic and Special Effects are below, I will update these with new colors, if/when any come out.

Select a brand below for dye colors

Manic Panic
Special Effects USA
Punky Colour

[Purchase Here at Manic Panic]
[Purchase Here at SpecialEffects]

More to come soon, keep checking back!


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