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The Guide to Synthetic Hair Extensions- includes a list of reputable sellers from many countries around the globe.


HairBoutique.com - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly



- Dreadlock FAQ*

- D.I.Y. Directions

- Maintenance

   - The Extensions and Dreadlock Gallery


Dreadlocks.com has a gallery, message boards, etc.

Dreadlocks.net (German website)

   Dreadheadhq.com*  More Dreadlocks info.

Knottyboy.com *  Sells dreadlock kits & products.

BigMalik.com Big Malik's experience with growing Dreadlocks

Journey of Patience Another person's dreadlock experiences.

Natural Hair Digest Blog/Info Directory about African-American hair and maintenance of Dreadlocks

Journey to SisterLocks Links and other Dreadlock info goodies!

Nappturality Natural Hair Site & Forum

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